Secret honeymoon payphone number?


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I remember when my wife and I visited for our honeymoon, an older cast member told us a phone extension that when put into one of the payphones, gave us a special message. Does anyone happen to remember the number? I never recorded it.

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I recall a CM at EPCOT told my dad (who was wearing a birthday button) that there was a phone call for him and to pick up the phone. I'm not sure anymore where it was. When he did it was Mickey wishing him a happy birthday.
Not sure if they do that anymore...


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Last summer, we went to the MK for my son's 8th b-day.
When we went to the info. bldg. on Main St. (I can't remember the name), they told my son to p/u the phone & he got a special b-day message from Goofy.
:D đź‘‹

There's a number that CMs can call and it is Goofy wishing you a happy birthday or you can do Mickey and Minnie wishing you a happy anniversary (or honeymoon). I've only done it a couple of times.

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