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Seaworld Howl-O-Scream


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My husband & I have tickets for HOS next Sunday night. Can anyone confirm that we can enter SeaWorld using our Annual Passes mid afternoon & stay to do HOS or will we have to exit and re-enter through the event entrance. We used to go to HHN years ago & were always able to do that.
You can enter over by Sharks. Keep in mind virtually nothing was open in this "stay & scream" zone after 4 pm opening weekend, so I might try to delay entering as late as possible. This will put you in a position to see Dead Vines and Pirates Revenge with virtually zero wait at event open.

Mako and Infinity Falls are the only rides listed as operating during the event, but the app states wait times for Kraken and Manta. Does anyone know if Manta and Kraken are also open or is the app just being weird?
Not running, walkways to them closed off during the event.

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