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Seaworld Howl-O-Scream


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I'm cautiously intrigued. I don't expect it to rival HHN, but hopefully it's at least on par with Tampa's event. I would have gone to that more often if it were closer (and they didn't recycle houses.) More options are always a good thing.


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Im definitely going for an unlimited pass for both parks though I do have some unanswered questions to consider.
1. Will houses be full sized like pre-covid howloscream or smaller mini outdoor ones like last year's scare zone/mini houses?
2. Will Sea world have its own version of the Fright Feast and where will it take place?
3. Will all rides be active during this or just rollercoasters?
4. Will any of the smaller animal exhibit areas or restaurants be used for houses ie turtles 360, dolphin viewing area, waterway grill, and etc.?
5. Will any nocturnal animal exhibits be put to use?
6. Will sesame street be open too or used as a scare zone? Imagine a mutant sesame street or zombie apocalypse sesame street.
7. Will the schedule be similar to howloscream at BG or only on select days?
8. Will there be a separate menu of unique food/drink items or will craft beer fest menu carryover into howloscream?
9. Will there be a stay and scream option for passholders who also have howloscream tickets?
10. Will sea world limit the amount of people in the parks or will they try to get as many people in as possible?

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