Sbandieratori Di Sansepolcro - Italy Flag Waving open at Epcot


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I thought you were supposed to be a Princess. Shame on you! :hilarious:
um well.... lol


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I've seen HS marching bands better than the first half of the show. The second half saves the act, but will people stick around long enough to catch the finale?


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When I first started reading the comments in the thread, I thought people were just happy to see anything other than those lumberjacks, but I actually really like this. I'll second what some have said about hoping to hear more info on what they're doing and the cultural significance of it all but this is definitely giving me at least A LITTLE hope for the future of EPCOT.

Now to learn how to pronounce the name...
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Saw it yesterday. Probably not something that I'll seek out, but easily ten times better than the Lumberjacks. One thing that was missing was some sort of explanation of what we were seeing.
I thought today was the soft opening. I take it soft openings occurred yesterday?


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Being a band geek/drum corp "silk" from way back, this holds some interest. This is, by far, more entertaining than that hot mess of a lumberjack show.

Congrats, TDO, you're 50% successful with the new entertainment. :rolleyes:

They've got horns (not so great ones), they've got drums (not so great ones), and they've got flags (colorguard)... Now, just add a few more, lose the tights, add some G bugles, take it out of Italy and add it back into FutureWorld.... Tada!!! FUTURECORPS!!!!!

If they can have this kind of act, they can bring back the corps... There's international drum corps, so it's all good!


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Sorry if I just completely missed something obvious but, have the other shows (Fife and Drum, Mo'Rockin, World Showcase Players) had replacements lined up yet? Or is it just Canada and Italy right now?

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