Sbandieratori Di Sansepolcro - Italy Flag Waving open at Epcot


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I would probably stop to watch this. Just when you think, "What else can you do with a flag" they throw in a new move, or a musical interlude. I might appreciate a little bit of narrative to the show explaining the traditional uses of this art form, since it is new to me. Is it purely artistic, or is there military or religious significance also?


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Great, now a show with a bunch of men in tights. :(
Were BUTCH!!


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This one looks pretty good. More in line with the traditional and cultural type of experience I would expect to see in a WS pavilion.

Honestly, that lumberjack show is embarrassing and just needs to end. There is no cultural relevance with that show like there is with this performance.

If I were Canadian, I would be insulted if that is WDW's interpretation of cultural relevance for that pavilion.

The flag troupe, though, I will watch.
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