runDisney returns to Disneyland in 2024


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I opened another browser a few mins ago, and went to the page, clicked on it... and it said 55 mins. I'm now down to 25 mins on that one. First two I did first, both still say 'over an hour'.

This is entirely random isn't it...


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My friend was able to select the dumbo, filled everything, and now froze on payment. Can't back up or anything... is she doomed?

My sister and I got the 5k, I got the half. No dumbo double dare for me this year... but I'll get my coast to coast (if I'm able to get the half at WDW!)


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So the course is essentially the same for every race at DL? I looked through a few maps and it looks very similar.
Hey - There are two main courses that Disneyland used previously (both are in my original post). One goes around DL, then to Angel Stadium to the east and back to DL. The other goes around DL, then north do downtown Anaheim, and then back to DL.

Who else got in? I was hoping to get into the DDD but only was able to get into the Half by the time I was able to get into register. Coast to Coast here I come!

Also, happy to see that they were recognizing the perfect DL Half and DDD runners!

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