runDisney returns to Disneyland in 2024


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Had a great Half. Shaved over three minutes from my half PB.

Will say there were few character M&Gs, which I could see disappointing folks. I did not experience any logistical problems pre race.

My only personal complaint would be that they should have had more merch and made more of it available in advance for pickup. They had soo many spirit jerseys yet there ran out of jackets in the most common sizes. We had a pretty full itinerary in LA before heading down to Anaheim and spending time and money to get merch early was a lower priority.


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Yessir, it was a cluster at mile 3. Took me 5 minutes to get through there.

A tight pathway, a sharp turn, an unfortunate mile marker, and a downright irresponsibly placed water station. This coupled with Disney's shoving through all the runners through the start in record time causing congestion across the entire course, it was a culmination of everything wrong with their cheap attempt at doing a rundisney event for pennies on the dollar this year.


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We just got home from a fantastic, although exhausting, weekend. We only did the 5k and 10k but those instantly became 2 of my favorite RD courses, especially the 10k. Loved that the first mile was outside the park (to spread everyone out a bit) and then the rest was nearly all park.

We didn’t have any issues with the corrals, logistics, etc. It took about 20 minutes to get through security at the 10k but we still had plenty of time to find our corral before the races started.

Our only real complaints from the weekend were the virtual queue for the expo (refreshed maybe 1 second after 7am and we were in group 135) and the merchandise was pretty ugly (imho), that saved me a bunch of money so I guess I’m ok with that.

This weekend reminded me why I prefered the DL races to the WDW races, more sleep, less time getting to and from the races, and more time running in the parks rather than roads and parking lots.


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I had a blast during the half. Untrained but ran steadily and with a negative split. Finished just over 2:30 and I’m happy with that.

The parts through the parks looked stunning.

I was in the earlier part of corral C and with a 11 min/mile pace avoided the drama at mile 3. (Didn’t stop for photo’s).

Course was nice!
Lack of characters though.

I got a big race done in every park where runDisney host a race :)


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I was in the earlier part of corral C and with a 11 min/mile pace avoided the drama at mile 3. (Didn’t stop for photo’s).

We often talk about how RunDisney feels like completely different races depending on where you start, I’ve started in A a couple times and marvel at the wide open paths and every character stop being a minute or less, this week we were in B and the 5k started ok open but after a few fairly long character lines we were in large crowds the majority of it, B for the 10k was amazing, a little congested but always enough space to run your own pace fairly easily, with character stops we often end up in the back by the end but we’ve started with friends near the back a few times and that was a different beast, shoulder to shoulder and hard to do anything but follow the pack, not a fun experience for me at all.

For competitive people like myself the front corrals are the only place to be, getting stuck behind walls of people drives me absolutely crazy, but for social runners like my GF the back is a better experience in many ways, in the front everyone’s focusing on PRs and their own race, in the back there is more talking and encouragement going on and people are becoming friends.

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