Pre-Trip Run, Chickie! RUN!!!


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Writing this as I wait for the half marathon corrals to open!

The various run groups I’m in have nothing but negative comments on this. Most aren’t seeing any benefits worth the cost . Ultimately, it’s being perceived as a major cash grab. The priciest package includes being put in a better corral...which is being shredded, since it equates to creating dangerous run conditions. I.e. slower runnersand walkers buying their way in with faster runners. I can’t see myselfdoing it.
I think people are over-reacting a bit; having read thru the FAQs, it sounds like at best it would keep you out of the very last corral (one of the FAQs says you would keep your POT corral if it is higher). So you’d have to have ALOT of money to burn to buy the priciest package just to keep yourself out of the last corral. Using that money for a couple of coaching sessions would be a better use of that money...

Good luck - I think the half has started by now 😊


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The race is probably over now, but I hope you ran your best time!! :) Enjoy the rest of your day today as well.
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