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Pre-Trip Run, Chickie! RUN!!!


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LODGING UPDATE (among other things :D )

I've never booked a trip before rack rates were released for my dates. I had always seen that room only could be booked 499 days out, but I've never needed to use this before. My friend, who is traveling with me, has been in this position before (except with a pkg) and had to wait until late June or early July to book and the travel agent I was going to use said something similar. She said she couldn't book me for room only until rack rates come out and the dates open. So, I went with it since she's an earmarked agent with a large and very highly regarded agency. Then, I started seeing all of these people in my FB run groups talking about lodging and saying you could book room only if you call. I'm not sure why my agent didn't know this, but I wasn't waiting around to find out...and I'm so glad I did.

I requested pricing and availability for Caribbean Beach and Coronado Springs. Well, it turns out that she had absolutely nothing at CSR. :eek: All she had at CBR were preferred rooms, so I booked a preferred queen room just to have something. I'm sure some of this is marathon and some of this is Star Wars, but it's making me think that room discounts are unlikely and it's going to be CROWDED! I guess at least I have lodging, so no matter what happens, I have an onsite place to stay. I guess I'll also be doing the legwork if room discounts do come out.


I decided to put together a training spreadsheet...not just to stay on track, but to compare plans. I'll spare you every week, but check out the differences between the Galloway app vs. the training plans he has on the Run Disney site...



I had been using the app in the improvement mode and put in 6.30 mi this past Saturday for my long run of the week. I find it curious that the week 2 long run on the app is 2.30 miles longer than the week 2 long run on his Disney experienced runner plan. All in all, my body isn't ready for the app. I did it, but I'm paying for it. I would have pulled back during the run, but I didn't really feel the knee pain until afterwards. So, I've decided to change plans a bit and will also be wearing some bands for my knees. I'm going to switch to his 10K training plan (see below) and I've calculated the dates for when I need to shift that to the 10k & half training plan (also below). Both seem much more manageable with my schedule too.

10K plan

10K/Half Plan

They all extend out 18-19 weeks, but again...much more manageable that the app plans. Had I stuck with the app plan I was on, I would have had to work in a 15+ mi run while on vacation. Yeah...not happening.


Beyond that, I tried my hydration pack on Saturday with some Nuun and really liked both. I also tried the Injinji socks and while they were nice on my toes, I missed the padding in the Feetures. They also feel so strange! I also added in foam rolling, which helped some. Who am I kidding...the lodging is the big news :D


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I looked into a lot of half training plans for beginners before I settled on one because it quickly became clear to me that the notion of « beginner » varied wildly depending on the plan. Now after a few years I’m luckily at the point where I only need to slowly add mileage to my long run as I tend to run at least 3 miles a couple of times during the work week and 4-6 on a weekend long run.


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I looked into a lot of half training plans for beginners before I settled on one because it quickly became clear to me that the notion of « beginner » varied wildly depending on the plan. Now after a few years I’m luckily at the point where I only need to slowly add mileage to my long run as I tend to run at least 3 miles a couple of times during the work week and 4-6 on a weekend long run.
I just found it funny how this is all Galloway and his beginner Disney plan and expert Disney plan are so different than his app plans. Still, I think I can work with this new approach. I'm trying really hard not to overdo it. The last time I did distance training, I let the high get me and I wound up burned out and in a lot of long-term pain. I was averaging 45-50 mi per week and it was just too much. This time, I'm keeping my cross-training and making myself stick to 3-4x per week for running. At least with school letting out this week, I won't have as many kid things to get in the way...just summer heat! 🔥


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So, a little update...

I've been using the Nuun in conjunction with my runs and I'm not sure if it's that, a mental and physical shifting, or a bit of both...but I'm getting faster!!! I always see people in my run groups post that they are slow and I've learned that there are many definitions of slow. So, I'm just trying to stop compare slowness and celebrate me getting better. So, my Tuesday/Thursday runs are supposed to be about improving speed. On Thursday, I got out there and had all kinds of energy and positive vibes. I wound up shaving nearly a minute off of my best pace and even more off of my fastest recorded mile. Saturday was supposed to be an endurance run. The new plan only called for a 1.5 mile run, but considering that was less than my Thursday run distance (and Tuesday for that matter) I decided to just keep 5k as my shortest. I was afraid I wouldn't see things as good as they were on Thursday, but I was still running faster. My pace was a smidge slower, but I attribute that to me getting lost. I got so into things that I wasn't paying attention and just ran past my turn. It's really easy to do when you're running on heavily wooded trails. I decided to order a multi pack of the Nuun since I'm thinking it helped...


I also decided to go with my friend's suggestion of running in multiple pairs shoes. I know it's supposed to help reduce your injury risk, plus the right blend of shoes can help with speed and endurance. I really didn't enjoy running in my Hokas. They are comfortable for walking, but with running, they feel clunky and awkward. It must have impacted my form/stride, because I had a lot more pain after running in them too. So, I looked back to all of the shoes pulled during my recent fitting and remembered the saleswoman pointing out a particular pair of Brooks that were different than the others in the stack. I remember liking them, but I wasn't sure I'd like them for a really long run. That's part of why I bought the Glycerins in that first fitting...nice and cushy for a long run. After doing some research on this other pair of shoes, I saw tha they can be worn for distance, but a lot of amateurs like them for improving speed. Obviously, it's not all shoe...I'm going to have to put in the effort, but at the very least...I can use them on my weekday runs to vary it up to help reduce injury chances.

These have also been helping with the minor knee discomfort I've been experiencing...

Cute, right?

Beyond that, I had some rewards points at Fleet Feet and several people recommended Oofos recovery flip flops. These will be arriving later this week...


I also really needed one more pair of shorts. I have tons of workout capris, but most don't have pockets. I saw several people recommending Happy Puppies stuff. I was hoping to try the Mandy length short, but they don't have any sale priced ones in my size, and I am not willing to spend full price on something I want to test. So, I ordered the Bermuda length in royal blue since they were on sale. Supposedly, a lot of people like their stuff for base costume material, so another reason to test.


Have you noticed that I'm not really a pink person!?!?!? :hilarious:

I'm also considering buying a foot pod. Like many, I hate the treadmill, but I have about 9 or 10 runs coming up that I'm going to need to do on one and I'm thinking it might be a good addition to my gear.

I also really need to start thinking about ADRs. I was emailing back and forth with my friend the other day and it got much more real when I pulled up MDE and saw our reservation...and realized that I qualify to book dining 180+ length of stay. I normally am giddy about Disney dining, but combine last trip's issues with my dietary changes (which could have huge impacts on my running) and I'm not quite as psyched up as normal.

On top of that, I'd really like to decide on the rest of my costumes. I'm pretty much set on Cheshire Cat for he 5k, but I'm all over the place with everything else. Part of me would like to stick with an Alice based theme. Queen of Hearts seems fun for the 10k and then maybe something more conceptual for the half...like "Painting the Roses Red." Then there's the part of me that wants to go for attractions...like Tiki Room and Small World. And then there's me wanting to go back to characters...like as a Donald person, I should be Donald for the half and maybe pick from a hat for my top ideas for the 10k...like Lilo, Tigger, Prince John, Maleficent, etc. Sooooooo many choices!

On a side note, we were watching some old NFL QB Challenge from WDW the other day and DH admitted he misses it and is a bit envious of things with this trip. He noted that he's the one who pushed the hardest to take a break and doesn't regret all of this other fun travel we're getting to take. I keep saying we'll go back in 2021, but if I really like this running at Disney stuff, I'm almost tempted to find a way to make it work as a family run Disney trip...which would be extremely tough with school, but we'll see.


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Hey all! Things have been crazy busy with work, family issues and kid stuff, but I've been staying on top of my training...even with the heat. I think Houston hit 101 on Sunday. 🥵

I'm actually getting better. I'm not sure if it's the new shoes and alternating wear, using Nuun vs. standard hydration and caffeine, a mental shift or a combo of it all. Still, I seem to be getting better with each run, even in the heat and humidity. I'm not going to pretend like I'm fast or anything, but this isn't about that. This is about doing something that I've never been able to do before and improving for me. I just want to be fast enough for Disney to not have to worry and I think I'm doing that. I even shocked myself last night...aside from improving my pace and best mile, I didn't want to walk the rest of the way home after I finished with my slated training time. Mind you, I ran a different area because I needed a change of scenery and knew I'd finish farther from home than normal. Still, after walking for 5 or so minutes, I decided it was all going too slow and that I wanted to be home sooner. So, I ran. No set intervals, no pushing, no huffing and puffing, no stress. I just set the GPS to on and went...and I was shocked that I still had a really good pace (for me).

I got my shorts from Happy Puppies last week. First off...LOVE the shorts! They were so comfy on my first run in them and the pockets are awesome. Secondly, their packaging is adorable and they even sent them with a little planner. Third, just so impressed with their service, options, and military appreciation.

My Oofos also arrived. I've used them 3x so far and maybe it's all psychological, but I think they help. I'll spare you the barefoot sandal pics. LOL

My husband also asked that I consider buying a new watch that will work with the Garmin app/site so they can track me while I run. He's concerned with the heat and the corn maze like effect of our greenbelts that I might get lost or need help (or worse). So, he wants it for safety purposes. I know there are apps on my phone I could use (and do for the kids), but stuff like that tends to kill my phone battery, so I've avoided all that with my phone. The reality is that my Garmin Forerunner 15 is old and while it's not awful by any means, I'd be better off with a watch that does more, especially considering I do a lot of cross training in the gym and am going to try and get over some fears with my bike (the one with two wheels vs. the stationary one in the gym LOL). It's also crazy expensive to replace my regular metal watch battery, so maybe something smarter and more modern is better. So, this is what I got...


It's a Garmin Vivoactive 3 Music. It was on sale, so that's always good. I bought through FleetFeet, so that's also another $15 reward for me. I'm hoping there's not too much of a learning curve to using it. It's popular in my run groups and I know there are a number of YouTube videos to help. Initially, I was hoping for something in a crazy color, but for this, I'm probably better with something neutral since I want to get in the habit of keeping it on.

Other than that, I have some travel coming up where I'm going to be stuck doing a couple of my runs on a treadmill. I'm kind of dreading it. My friend figured I'd enjoy the break from the heat, but it's just so boring and it's a pain to keep adjusting it for my intervals. I guess it'll be good practice for actual summer vacation, where I think I'm going to have a total of 5 or 6 treadmill runs.

Oh, and I think I've narrowed down costumes. I previously noted the Cheshire Cat, but I think I'm going to do a trio of Alice based costume themes. I have to see how it all goes, but looking at the Queen of Hearts for one and then a conceptual idea for the other...specifically, 'Painting the Roses Red.' More details to come :)
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