Rose and Crown


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I tried reserving the fireworks package at the earliest possible moment for the last day of our week long trip and it didn’t show up (either for the package or just the restaurant). I’ve checked several times since then and it’s still not showing up.

This is actually good to hear. I've been trying for weeks now to book a lunch. I'll keep trying.


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well that would be another world showcase restaurant gone, fireworks table service viewing must not be in demand anymore as much. hmm wonder why.............but anyway I've thought for awhile now they may end up just expanding the bar and doing away with the table service. I think this is going to be a new trend in the park going foreword. I think the loss of IllumiNations has really killed dinner reservations across the park.
DDP makes menu planning a PITA and the margins on alcohol are much better anyway.

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Pub area was packed the day of Her Majesty the Queen's passing.
I happened to be walking by and took note.

Rose & Crown is still a good spot for a meal for me.
Was there last week during a rainstorm and was seated outside which despite the weather was nice.
Food was good as in my past experiences.
Love the cheese plate, and the meatless 'Impossible' version of the shepards' pie is deliciously good.
Recommend, but very filling.
Dessert was excellent as well, and service was attentive and personal.



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Wonder why they weren't available prior...maybe they were considering a "reimagining" and decided to postpone it due to the pending holidays? I guess we'll never know.


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i was just looking online at their dinner menu today, & they scaled back the entree options. besides 1-2 plant based options, they only listed the shepherds pie, bangers & mash, & fish & chips. we have a reservation for our upcoming trip, but thinking about canceling it or changing to something else. maybe we’ll try regal eagle or connections instead
We noticed that too. And the only appetizers are a salad and a scotch egg. Makes the fixed price menu of the Candlelight Package much less interesting.


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i canceled our reservation for 11/3. we always go there once a trip, but the scaled down menu doesn’t justify it.

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