RnRc Retheme?


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MuppetVision is so old and tired in its current theater, I wonder if they could gut the Cars building and rebuild MuppetVision with fresh and new infrastructure to make a nice Henson Studios area.

I love the current Aerosmith theme, but all bands have a shelf life. Any artist they pick will eventually fall stagnant. I’m not sure if Aerosmith is quite there yet, but after their final tour the entire point of the ride might fall a bit flat. If it was just a generic music rollercoaster like RRR at Uni, then they could in theory stay forever as long as their music is relevant, but the story about getting to a concert doesn’t make much sense when there isn’t a concert to get to! Like I said earlier, this problem will happen eventually with any artist they pick. The Muppets are evergreen because they’re fictional, popular, and could fit thematically. People have been asking for a muppet ride for decades, and this could finally be it.

I can already see an awesome pre-show with Kermit trying to control some traditional Muppet chaos and almost acting like the band manager in the current pre-show! The same story could even be kept intact. The Electric Mayhem band is wrapped up in some Muppet shenanigans and Kermit has to get them to their show at the Muppet theater across town so they’re not late. It would be even cooler if they could somehow involve Gonzo and his cannon in the launch countdown!


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As a big fan of this coaster (it was yet another reason I first made the trip to Florida), I would actually be very much on board with an Electric Mayhem retheme. As someone in the Twitter thread pointed out, it would be cool for the band to cover at least one Aerosmith song for the new attraction as a tribute, if it happens.

That said, the idea of film editors within the company who are working on new shows, pitching the idea of ride rethemes or replacements gives me pause. In this instance I think the idea lines up nicely and I'm a fan. But I hate the idea of every showrunner or editor going forward trying to toss something like this out there (we saw it with The Mandalorian too). The medium of making a theme park and of making a tv show or movie, I feel, are different enough that ideas like this need to be heavily filtered through before anything physical materializes.

The Muppet*Vision 3D fan in me also wonders how this would work. As others pointed out, ideally it would be moved or maybe a new show could be created and that whole back corner could become a "Muppets Studio" mini land. I would dig that very, very much.


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I'm just gonna say it to the Naysayers.......


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Kudos. All good and well but do you actually think it'll happen?
If Mayhem is getting the hype it's getting I sure hope so...

Also side fun fact: The Electric Mayhem already has a an album up on display in the upper seating area in Pizza Rizzo...It's not the one from the show but, it is an album the did framed up on the wall in the restaurant..
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