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Resort choice help


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Hey all! This Nebraska cold we got slammed with recently (and my wife getting a bonus) has made us want to get back to Orlando. We are looking for an off-site hotel and here are some 'wants':

1. Free Breakfast (biscuits and gravy?! Pancakes and eggs!)
2. Spa - my wife would love to get a mani/pedi/massage (which I am not sure is happening with Covid?)
3. Hot tub.
4. Maybe a more fun pool? Something with a slide.
5. A game room - something with like air hockey, some random video games, and massage chairs (like the arcade at Pop - that was perfect for me!). If open.

There are so. many. hotels. I've found it overwhelming to even start looking. Hotwire seems to have a lot of great rates with airfare included (flying from Omaha ain't the cheapest sometimes), so hoping for experienced guidance on what hotels you would pick. Budget I would say we want to stay on the lower/moderate side so we can do 1-2 days at Universal and Discovery cove.

TIA all!


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We've used mousesaver.com, they have a good (and updated) list of offsite hotels. Personally I'd recommend Buena Vista Suites- we've stayed at its connecting resort "Caribe Royale." Between the 2, they have a great pool, nice restaurants, a spa, and Buena Vista has free breakfasts. The drive to the parks could not be any easier, just turn right out of the parking lot and World Drive is 2 minutes up the road. It's about a 5 minute drive to Epcot and Hollywood, 10 to the ticket center for Magic, and 10-15 minutes to Animal Kingdom.



I personally prefer timeshare resorts instead of standard hotels so that is what I have a tendency to recommend. However, I do agree Buena Vista Suites is a good choice but I find their pool is very small. I haven't stayed at their sister property Caribe Royale next door, but I think Caribe Royale pool is larger. I also think the amenities at Caribe Royale are a little better. Another suggestion is YouTube. Watch a few YouTube videos that other guests posts to see the hotel grounds and rooms to give you a better idea. Personally, I watch YouTube almost daily at posts of Orlando hotels, restaurants, theme parks, you name it. I haven't been able to get back to Orlando in 2 years. So I use YouTube when I need a quick online visit to my favorite place.


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Hey all! Thanks for the posts. We actually had a change of heart and going to do Destin on May 14th for our first anniversary trip :) She really wants to do all those (expensive) animal encounters at the Gulfarium and it would be nice to have a relaxing trip. We nixed Orlando because we hope to be back either later this year or early next year to do a Universal visit since she has never been. If I had my way, it would be in November of this year with no masks needed but we'll see what happens!

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