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Replacement for Tomorrowland Speedway?

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Man, it took me forever to catch up. First off, a big note is that this isn't plopping the ride down and adding a path to it. This is a part of a serious TL overhaul. And while Tron won't destroy SM, it may destroy its sight lines *from some angles*. Despite all of this, TL's future is definitely looking up.

Thanks! Just PLEASE tell me they won't leave that big blocky show building poking up from behind the curvy awning like they did in Shanghai!


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Would be really interesting if they ran the resort monorail through the land with a new stop. That would give the changes to "view and flow into and out of" the park. Gondolas would also work as a third means of transport to/from TTC. Rearranging the speedway would let them create a hub for Tron, SM, speedway and the new entrance.


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Not going to repeat what I said earlier in this thread.

Many of you don't realize MK is a place where families can come and have fun, together.

My two year old drove the car with me as a passenger. We had fun together. Replace this with a tron coaster and that doesn't happen until he's tall enough. And that is if he even likes roller coasters.
Yep, families of all ages.
Sorry. Way behind. I agree with the comments in principle but you are a little off with the point. I believe Walt didn't like the kiddie ride sections where HE wasn't allowed to ride ;)
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