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News Remy's Ratatouille Adventure coming to Epcot


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Perhaps they could have an extended soft opening of Rat and then grand open once there is a vaccine, presumably Spring Break season. I seem to recall Mission:Space having a 2+ month soft opening. It would attract those who need a gentle nudge but were already considering a trip without promoting a tremendous influx. I struggle to imagine Disney just sitting on a finished ride of Epcot’s middling numbers continue, especially if COVID-19 numbers continue to fall and the other parks see a rise in attendance.

This may time out nicely for Disney having several new e-tickets next year to market as “We are back and better than ever!”


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Disney's new fiscal year starts October 4th FWIW. But I suspect you are right.
I won't guess that they are opening this fall until I see the posted hours for WS return to a 9pm close. Can't imagine they would open a new attraction (and the crowds it would attract) and still close at 7pm. I hope I'm wrong.


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There are two factions kind of fighting on Rat’s opening. Burbank wants 2021 (probably Spring), while TDO (and especially Epcot leadership) wants it in time for the holiday season.

The local thought being that Epcot could use a draw to pull people to it from the other parks (3 day vacationers seem to leave off Epcot More than any other park), and give it a bit of extra capacity.

Corporate sees holding Rat and promoting the crud out of it next year will drive attendance to the resort as a whole the most when held until 2021 when more restrictions are (hopefully) lifted.

I came here looking for updates on the ride as we just booked a November trip and this sums up our trip perfectly. We have 3.5 days and are thinking half day pool, full days at MK, AK, HS. No point in Epcot when then only things that appeal to our toddler & preschooler is Frozen - without Anna and Elsa M&G, this isn't super exciting for them - and Nemo. I assume we could have both of those done in under an hour and then what? While Mom and Dad sure would like to drink around the world, it's not worth an entire day right now. Addition of Rat? Absolutely spending a day at Epcot.


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I think TDL’s expansion opening this September might be a guide for theme parks to open major expansions during this pandemic. Hopefully TDO opens it sooner rather than later.


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unsure if anyone noticed, but looks like they have added a hook above the door on the second level of the blue building, where the door is. These hooks are quite common in Amsterdam to house furniture up to the different apartments. Does France have something similar? This actually makes that door make more sense. A loading door for goods.
It doesn’t make more sense because the windows don’t align with its floor. The windows would be at about head height.

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