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News Remy's Ratatouille Adventure coming to Epcot

hpyhnt 1000

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In the 19th (final) photo in the set posted by WDWMagic there appears to be a small courtyard that is under the skyliner, and has a walkway down to the water. Anyone know what that is?

As others above mentioned, the courtyard is stroller parking. The path down to the water, apart from looking nice, should also serve a practical purpose as an access walkway for crews of the Friendships. You'll often see one or two of the boats docked there in the afternoon so they can be placed back into service quickly for the evening rush. Also explains why that little path was built with walkway lighting.

You can see there was an existing walkway along the seawall; the little winding path now connects that area to the France pavilion.

Screenshot 2020-08-28 at 12.41.46.png
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I really like these photos, I feel like I now understand the layout of the whole new area much better.

But what is the square building you come to first when you come through the arch and to the paved area? The one we see the roof of in pics 8&9 and then see properly later on? Is it the “notorious” Creperie?


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That building is never going to look good because the design is wrong.

With that said, that can't possibly be the final paint job. They clearly have more to do.

My non-insider Magic 8-Ball says... “Don’t count on it”. ;) But it’s been wrong before, once. Maybe twice.


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My non-insider Magic 8-Ball says... “Don’t count on it”. ;) But it’s been wrong before, once. Maybe twice.

They've still got gaps for flower boxes under the windows, so they're not finished. I assume touching up the paint will be part of that too, because it's impossible for me to believe anyone in the world could look at that paint and think it looks good/finished.

Doesn't really matter, though, because the building is going to stand out as completely incongruous regardless.
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The blue paint is fantastic compared to the green arms attached to the backs of the flat chimneys. Grrr....

Having said that, I realized that when you are on ground level, your focus is really going to be on the 3 dimensional buildings around and ahead of you. The flat facade will really be what it is meant to be, a faint backdrop.

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