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News Remy's Ratatouille Adventure coming to Epcot

Figment Newton

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Storm was much reduced. Rain misters turned off. Waves muted. Fog effects turned off. Smoke canons deactivated. Lightning strike toned down.

In short less thrilling. And then Body Wars opened a year later as the parks new thrill ride E Ticket. Demoting maelstrom in everyone's eyes to the D it really was.
So, was the arrival of Body Wars when they toned down Maelstrom or sometime later? Is there any footage/photos of the "original" Maelstrom?


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I don't believe so. Guests should see the Space TSR, followed by Rat and then a slew of other things.

Thanks, I can't wait to hear more about those other things. By Space TSR are you referring to the Restaurant? Also do you believe they might be aiming for Day of the Dead 2020 for the possible Coco overlay? That would be amazing in my opinion.


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and people loved them, it was a great show. They sure did do away with every bit of entertainment that people liked.
The ones in the Arts Festival were pretty cool too. I love the idea of festivals to give seasonal entertainment at EPCOT, but they have to do it right.

I think living statues are kind of neat, just if you were to see one outside of Disney... it's usually not the best idea to interact with one (money and all).
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