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News Remy's Ratatouille Adventure coming to Epcot


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It's a good sign to see a permit for new break rooms and offices because those are the main things taking up the Ratatouille plot aside from the F&W kiosks. It's also essential to daily operations, so once that move is made, they will be good to go forward.
Was there any mention of a timeline or projected date of completion for Rat?


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Was there any mention of a timeline or projected date of completion for Rat?
From this thread (and see the second post for a timeline): http://forums.wdwmagic.com/threads/rumor-and-upcoming-timeline-tracker.926402/
  • the Ratatouille Ride as it exists in Paris has beat out the Beauty and the Beast ride as the new attraction for the French Pavilion. This is Greenlit. Its installation has been pushed sooner because GotG was pushed later. [confirmed at D23 2017] Opens in 2020, 1-2Q.
    • the placement of the Rat ride would not necessitate any changes to IdF or any of France's restaurants or shops, however, that doesn't mean a separate decision could affect them, e.g, updated the IdF [here]
    • there is no demolition or connection through any of the existing France pavilion buildings... access is around the pavilion, not through it [here]
    • Some info on the original ride that might affect the new clone.

Figment Newton

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Storm was much reduced. Rain misters turned off. Waves muted. Fog effects turned off. Smoke canons deactivated. Lightning strike toned down.

In short less thrilling. And then Body Wars opened a year later as the parks new thrill ride E Ticket. Demoting maelstrom in everyone's eyes to the D it really was.
So, was the arrival of Body Wars when they toned down Maelstrom or sometime later? Is there any footage/photos of the "original" Maelstrom?


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I don't believe so. Guests should see the Space TSR, followed by Rat and then a slew of other things.
Thanks, I can't wait to hear more about those other things. By Space TSR are you referring to the Restaurant? Also do you believe they might be aiming for Day of the Dead 2020 for the possible Coco overlay? That would be amazing in my opinion.
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