News Reflections – A Disney Lakeside Lodge (Project 89 - Development near Fort Wilderness)

Walt d

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I know someone who was sent a survey asking about what images the name “Disney Discovery Resort” conjured up.

I wonder how many options there are?
I like the contemporary look very slick Still waiting For my art deco hotel,
Bobby I


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Exactly. There are more guests that need more value resorts, not more deluxe. You can always find available rooms at a deluxe, but the values are always booked. No sense.
I work in real estate development and see how it makes sense for them. The cost difference between building a "deluxe" vs a moderate or value resort isn't as much as you might think, especially when using Disney's definitions (their deluxe isn't on par with a true luxury resort). It's worth it to spend a little more on construction (perhaps as little as 15-20%) to be able to charge 2x as much.


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One potential benefit to this is that it should connect the Wildernesses better similar to how the Boardwalk/Epcot properties are connected. If done well with the emphasis on nature, it could keep that entire corner feeling more natural but provide better access and walking between all three resorts.
Im trying to think positive with the impacts it will have to the area but not getting hopes up. More dining and a quick serve will be good news to the campground since it couldn't support one on its own. Im also interested to see if they do some type of bayside walking connection between all 3 and what this will do to the already slow water service between resorts and/or resorts to mk. If this does call for pioneer hall to be torn down it will be interesting if its rebuilt larger with its current theme for matches more of this new resort. Does the hoop dee doo ride off in to the sunset or does it find a new home? Lots of possibilites here.


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It looks like any modern eco-friendly city block, not something out in the wilderness of nature. It has a real urban feel, but looks like it will be all recycled wood etc.

This picture of the valet loop looks like it would work great at Epcot, as a modern view of man living with nature (the Living *In* The Land Resort maybe?), and I wonder if there are some reused designs here - but in general it seems a little too aggressive and present day compared to its siblings at FW and WL.

The other facilities, the pool, the atrium, the leisure activities... that's what will really sell this as being well themed, hard to see that from this concept art.

Yankee Mouse

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Another hotel? Well like Walt said:

"Here in Florida we have something special we never enjoyed in Disneyland, the blessing of size" There is enough land here to hold all the Disney hotels we could possibly imagine.


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Interesting..I wonder if they garnered the idea from Disneyland Paris? Something like Village Nature Paris

No doubt the pricing will be different! There are many takes on "nature inspired" so it will be interesting what they come up with. I think of Wilderness lodge but some may consider what they did in Village Nature more in tune with nature? From the drawings it looks like that is the way they are heading.


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Exactly. There are more guests that need more value resorts, not more deluxe. You can always find available rooms at a deluxe, but the values are always booked. No sense.
With many insiders hinting at the idea of the cost structure of deluxe-moderates-value going away, perhaps one shouldn't read too much into this being called a deluxe.
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