News Reedy Creek Improvement District and the Central Florida Tourism Oversight District


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Okay, so I guess it's all because of Revelations? I just wanted to talk proper governance, which thread was the past couple of pages.
No… there are people who genuinely believe that Disney is a bunch of groomers. Just because DeSantis dropped the attacks doesn’t means others have. Disney is hoping people in Florida will run interference if people at the federal level want to target Disney.

Tom P.

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Of course it is. But I figured you'd reply. There's a weird thing on the internet where people can't just agree to disagree.
It's a discussion forum. That's the whole point. Why would you want to be in a discussion on a discussion forum and just say "eh, let's stop talking about this" and expect everyone to just drop it?


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It's nice to get the funding commitment tied up into this. Obviously they've given themselves an out in case of an 'event', much like they have for Disneyland Forward. But an out doesn't mean zero investment.

It also sort of again concedes their figures aren't just purely political or Wall Street talking points. Not that I've doubted they are, but the company clearly intends (at this juncture) to still spend this 17 billion over ten years.


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I wonder once the dust settles on this will this revive their plans for an East Coast division HQ in Florida?
I looked at it, when they cancelled that project, it was more of a convenient way of getting out of it. There was a lot of backlash from the Imagineering department about uprooting and heading for the less than liberal thinking area called Florida. They were about to lose a lot of very creative people. They might still attempt to be the developer of that property if they still own it, but they won't be investing more money into it in my opinion.


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They might still attempt to be the developer of that property if they still own it, but they won't be investing more money into it in my opinion.

An interesting little nugget in the Disneyland Forward documentation was that Disney has used the company that owns the Lake Nona site (Dynamic Campus, LLC) to buy out some of the owners of land they held under long term leases as a 1031 exchange (reinvesting proceeds of other land sales).

They're probably going to just hang onto it until they find place to reinvest those funds or Tavistock exercises their option to force Disney to sell it back.

(The Disneyland situation is interesting: the COVID closure pushed a lot of the small Harbor Blvd hotels into bankruptcy, and the rich families who own a lot of the old farmland that Disney leased back in 2001 decided to reallocate their capital)


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The news is saying Disney is submitting plans for a 5th gate to the committee. I’m extremely skeptical that this is accurate. How/when will we know? @wdwmagic

I think they are confusing what is allowed in the agreement with what is guaranteed by the agreement. I didn't hear anything about them submitting this to the board, although they didn't make clear at the end when the quote from the CFTOD admin stopped and when their musing on a 5th gate restarted.

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