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Raya and the Last Dragon


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Today's D23 revealed a new Disney Animated Film called "Raya and the Last Dragon" starring Awkawfina (the voice of Sisu the Dragon) and Cassie Steele will voice Raya. T film is set in Southeast Asia and is inspired by Hong Kong action films.

Concept Art


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This looks really cool. I am guessing t his is what became of the rumored "Dragon Empire" that I thought was going to come out in November, 2020.

Looks like some interesting world building. 3 animated films in 2020 and all of them are completely fresh. Nice to see them venturing into new territory!

Magenta Panther

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Yeah that, but it also feels a little lackluster. It's probably just me though haha

Not just you. If I'm going to see this movie, it'll be because of the dragon. Not the girl. Yet the dragon is practically non-existent in the posters. The focus on the girl makes me think the movie's like, Mulan 2 or something. The vibe is like, "Look! Another strong female character from the Woke Princess Factory!" Meh. Doesn't interest me in the least.

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