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Trying to get other opinions on the intensity of the roller coasters.
If you would, please rank them on a scale of 1 to 10. I would guess that Rock 'n RollerCoaster would be a 10 and Goofy's Barnstormer would be a 1.

My trip companion is not a hardcore coaster lover, but I wanted to try a few.
Also--if you wish, add comments on each one.
For example: Space Mountain 6/10--more of a Mad Mouse coaster--lots of sharp turns but not too many drops.

Thanks for your input.


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Except for 1 second or so, RnR is really not terribly intense so it gets a 5 or 6. Family consensus is that Expedition Everest is more so. After that our consensus is that the remainders are more kiddie coasters and in the 1-4 range. Barnstormer is the least 1, then 7DMT 2-3, then BTM 3, then Space Mt 4. I cannot comment in Slinky yet, but friends have put it in the 7DMT level.


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Expedition Everest is easily a 10. Big thunder would be if you couldn't see the parade staging grounds and a parking lot. Space is a 7-8. RNR a 6-6.5. Tron will be a 9.5. Mine Train is a 7.5-8


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I would say RNRC 7, Everest 6, Space 5, BTMRR 4-5, Slinky and SDMT 2-3, and Barnstormer 1.

I could ride Everest and BTMRR on a loop all day and not get bored. I also enjoyed Slinky. I enjoy Space but it's not a must ride. SDMT is decent but short and eh. I only ride Barn when the little ones request it. I would prefer to never ride RNRC again but my oldest loves it.

And I love coasters! Regularly hit up Busch and Sea World.
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I’d say if you really want intense coasters, go to Busch Gardens (or Cedar Point for the win) so I wouldn’t give any WDW coaster a 10 for intensity, so maybe:

RnRc: 6.5-7
Everest 6-6.5
Space Mountain 5.5-6
Thunder 5
Slinky 4.5 (but it’s fun)
Goofy 3
Taking a nap on your couch while golf is on TV: 1.5
7DMT 1
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I really like all the coasters at WDW, but I wouldn’t consider any of them intense outside of the first two seconds of Rock N’ Roll. Now certainly everyone has their own preference level. I would think most people can handle Space, 7DM, and BTM without issue.


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This is difficult. There are different things that raise the thrill level for different individuals.

I'd give Expedition Everest a 10 for parts of it (the backwards part and the part right after the drop where you are definitely getting torqued around. That said the "10" doesn't last very long. Expedition Everest is a "sampler roller coaster". There are a variety of different sensations and none of them last very long. Given that, of the more intense WDW coasters, it's more tolerable for some people.

I'd give Rock and Roller Coaster a 10 for the launch and an 8 for the rest of it. It's a fast and sudden start, but it has no drops to speak of and in terms of sensations, the only real sensation is speed. Speed is constant. There is no drama buildup, etc.

I'd give Space Mountain an 8 for drama. You can't tell where you are going or what direction you will go next. Despite the low speed and limited drops (they are short) it just feels like a whole lot more. It feels "rickety" to people because it's all gravity powered and also because you can't move or brace your body in advance, twists and turns catch you unaware. If you've ridden it with the lights on, you won't believe how slow and tame it actually is.

Big Thunder Mountain is a solid 5. Drama is more the cause, in that you think you're going to hit your head when it makes it's dips back into the mine.

Splash Mountain is kind of a coaster. I give it an 8 for the drop. I give it a 6 for getting wet. The rest is a 2.

7 Dwarfs is a 4-5. It's fairly mild and smooth too.

Goofy is a 3. Mild, smooth

Primeval Whirl just don't go on. Friends don't let friends go on Primeval Whirl. If you must just note it's painfully uncomfortable. Maybe a 7-8 for the lack of fun and bad theming.


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How would you rank Hulk & Rip Ride Rocket with those?
Hulk, since the refurb, isn't too bad. B and M coasters are known for their smooth ride and Hulk is that. There is a launch halfway up the lift hill tunnel, so that ramps up the intensity some. I'd give it a 7-8. Rip Ride is pretty herky jerky if you're in the back but not too bad if you're in the front. The initial lift hill is basically straight up. I'd give it a 9.

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Nothing at Disney over a 6. Tron may change that....talking current. If you ride Busch - Disney is about 60% of that. And Busch doesn't have the best.

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I don’t want to ride anything above an 8. These scores have no bearing on how much I enjoy the ride.

TRON ???
Everest Ex. - 7.5
RnRC - 6
Space Mt. - 4
Slinky DD - N/A
7Dwarfs - 2.5
Goofy BS - 1
Primeval - 3
Splash Mt. - 5
M:S Orange - 2
Tower of Terror - 10


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RnRC - 10
Space Mountain - 8
Thunder Mountain - 8
Mount Everest - 8
Slinky Dog Dash - 7
7 Dwarves Mine Train - 6
Primeval Whirl - 5
Barnstormer - 2


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New blank

Tower of Terror
Everest Ex.
plash Mt.
Space Mt.
Slinky DD
M:S Orange
Goofy BS

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How would you rank Hulk & Rip Ride Rocket with those?
While this wasn’t directed at me, probably in the 7-8 range. I’d save 10’s for things like Top Fuel Dragster at Cedar Point, while both are pretty rough (Hulk especially) I wouldn’t consider them as intense as say, Sheikra at BG or Top Fuel. I don’t think either Universal or WDW is really in the intense thrill ride market as much as they are being a true Theme (or Themes plural) Park.

I think I am separating “intense” from “rough and jerky” a bit though. Or I’d have Primeval Hurl at the top of the list.

With the new additions:
Ms Orange: 4
Primeval: 3.5
ToT: 6
Splash Mtn: 5


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Scoring on thrill... not my level of enjoyment

Tower of Terror 8
Everest Ex. 8
RnRCS 8.5
Splash Mt. 5
Space Mt. 6
Slinky DD
Primeval 3 (bad even for Chester & Hester)
7Dwarfs 4
M:S Orange 3 (but the closest I’ve ever been to puking after a ride)
Goofy BS 2


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Filling in the blanks:
Mission Space orange- 5
Splash - 5
Tower- 6
Primeval- I hate this ride so much I don't even know whether to rank it high/low. It's so painful.
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