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Ratatouille Ride at Disneyland Paris Resort Gets Funding

I also hope..

I know a lot of people here did not The Amazing Adventures of Spider-Man, Soarin over California, Toy Story Midway Mania Pooh's Hunny Hunt or Star Tours The Adventure Continues, but "Ratatouille" will concentrate all these attractions and technologies.

"Ratatouille" inaugurate a new stage of quality and finishes in technology projections and all that exists will be exceeded.
You will be surprised by the proposed disposal and any other existing attraction will then be able to immerse yourself incredibly well in Disney history.

From a very reliable source.

Max Fan

Pictures of day






Good Day ^^



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@ Max Fan
Thanks for the pictures. Construction is moving along nicely.

The ride will pass through the Ratatouille restaurant like POTC and the Blue Lagoon restaurant.

Source: Mouetto DCP forum

Is it just me, or would it be great if you could also take a look into the kitchen of the restaurant.


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I am sure we will visit the kitchn, after all it's an important part of the movie.

Plus they said we will be left hungry when we are done with the ride, so we must see lots of food :D
"The future thematic area will include an attraction, restaurant table, toilet and a street ending in a small square.
Still under study, it is possible that shop is integrated short-term project.

The theme of the area will take its inspiration from the vision of a fantasy cartoon Paris, represented in the film Ratatouille Pixar.
Run along the street facades of buildings in Paris and a beautiful fountain from the movie take place in the center of the square.
Studio 4 building should disappear in a Haussmann architecture unique to true city of Paris.

The restaurant will probably table called "La Ratatouille" and provide a restoration concept ever seen on the Resort.

The new toilets will be installed in part of the former workshop of costume design.

Now for the attraction, named "Kitchen Calamity" is far from definitive.
Three queues and heated interior will present at the opening. Stand By queue, a Fast Pass and Single Rider.
Three internal queues are separated from each other and the distribution of 3D glasses will also separately.
Gusteau or rather his ghost will wait for our dear visitors during the course of their queue!
Queue Stand By extension will have a covered outdoor run along the space between the building Studio 4 and the ride.
The Fast Pass distribution terminals will be covered outside and located in the corner of the building on Studio 4 Parisian street.

Reduced to the size of a rat in the queue, visitors embark on the rooftops of Paris in vehicles of six places.
Trackless vehicles have the shape of a stylized rat and will be equipped with a function of rotation about an axis and movement of cylinders.
Visitors will be installed on two rows of three people, or usefulness of the Single Rider line!
Adventure resume outline the history of film, but especially our visitors take in the kitchen or working Linguini!
In a mixture of projection screens and 3D decorations Dark Ride, prepare for total immersion in the heart of the action!

Refrigerator ice, a hot oven and continue cooking on a trolley waiting for you! Among others ...
3D digitally projected on the screens of the ride will be done by Pixar and is likely to be difficult to distinguish from reality!

It remains only to wait quietly until the fiscal year 2014 to join Remy in his extraordinary adventures ... "

Source: Inside DLP via Jean-Louis Gold


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On DisneyCentralPlaza user RicRac posted many plans including the ride layout. This is SPOILER, but i don't think here the
tag works:
















The scenes are labelled as it follows:

Scene 0: Queue

Scene 1: Load

Scene 2: Rooftops

Scene 3A/3B: Roof to Kitchen

Scene 4: Pantry

Scene 5: Mop&Oven

Scene 6: Dining Room

Scene 7A/7B/7C: In The Walls

Scene 8: Ratatouille Kitchen

Scene 9: Remy Goodbye

Scene 10: Unload

UPDATE: The plan of the ride, the restaurant, outside and inside queue, fastpass distribution and toilets:



Source: RicRac on DCP


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My DH and I are going to France for 17 days in July...and, after much debate decided against a DLP visit after reading so many negatives. This future atraction looks like incentive for us to look for a later trip!

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