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Question about FP Tiers


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We’re DVC / annual pass members getting ready to make FP reservations next week at (4 am PST!) for extended family, all adult tickets, and read references here to “tiered” FP’s? Have not heard anything about this. Any info would be appreciated! Thanks


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Its only really restrictive for EPCOT. For Animal Kingdom its just the Pandora stuff that you can only choose one of, and for HS, its the Toy Story stuff that's all in the same tier and you have to choose one.

But for AK, I'll never have a prayer at a crack at FoP, so there's no restriction for Navi.
For HS, I'll never have a prayer at Slinky Dog, and one of the attractions is some stupid spinning ride, so the available one is the shooting ride.
For EPCOT, all the rides that you'll need FP+'s for are in tier 1, so you need some strategy.
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