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Question about aquaventure


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We selected this excursion for our Nassau day. And have a few questions. We booked with disney..

-what time can we expect to get to atlantis, we selected 9:15 time(it was the earliest)
-how much time should we plan on spending there (we are going in September)
-what are the meal options that are included?
-what should we plan to do first? Aquarium and then water park? Or other way?
-anything we should not miss?



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If you selected the 9:15 time you should be there around opening time at 10:00.

Spend as much time as you like. We wear out so we leave after lunch. You can stay later. Just keep an eye on time and go back for the return transfer no less than an hour before all-aboard time.

The meal options are printed on the little voucher they give you for lunch. It's for something similar to a burger, fries, & drink. The drinks have free refills. The voucher will also tell you which eateries are covered. It's not all of them. I found finding the food venues tedious as there's not enough signs and/or maps.

We approached our Aquaventure like a theme park: do the stuff that might get long lines first while it was early. The plunge slides are the ones you might wanna do first. The first 2 times I did the Aquaventure I didn't do the aquarium. Too much fun in the water. LOL!

Be sure to bring a credit card to pay for any additional food, snacks, locker (if you want one), etc. They do not accept cash. We checked our credit cards and used one that didn't charge international transaction fees. We always get a locker and secure our valuables.

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