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PSA to eat at Trilo-Bites in AK (Snack Cart and Quick Service Thread)

Chicken Guy

Well-Known Member
Original Poster
Their Buffalo Chicken Chips are house-made, y'know!

In all seriousness, there are some small food carts and stands around the parks and resorts that, against all expectations, serve wonderful items. What are some of your favorite food carts, quick-service stands, or dishes in Disney that might fly under the radar because of their modest presentation?

Figments Friend

Well-Known Member
Not sure if these are still availible, but a few years ago there was a snack cart near the Jungle Cruise at MK that served these delicious tasting cinnamon glazed almonds.
Wow...they were SO good...!!



Well-Known Member
The housemade potstickers in adventureland are awesome! They also used to have a little cheese plate in Germany for$5 that was great but I think was lost to Covid

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