Postponing wedding in June -


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I'm actually stoked that we pushed our June wedding - as it won't be as hot, and more importantly I'm hoping it will give time for Orlando to bounce back.

One of our biggest reasons was the concerns expressed by the larger group of at risk folks who we want to keep safe. Luckily our great vendors are able to accommodate, with us keeping the same pay schedule.

I did hear back from one of the bridesmaids that unfortunately their military tickets expire Dec. 18th, and the our wedding is the 20th. So she's working to see if any exceptions can be made. However Disney time at Christmas? Sounds like a good time to me.


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A Disney wedding with a touch of Disney Christmas sounds absolutely wonderful to me!

I know a few people who had to postpone weddings til next year, or with no concrete date, but you have something that's not too far off from your original plans, and it could be fun to plan with those different thematic touches in mind. I hope everything works out nicely for you and your guests.

Best wishes to you! :)


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Thank you!

We have thought about if it was open and reasonable safe by mid June, to fly down to Disney world and having a simple ceremony on the boardwalk, so we could have our anniversary on the original date as that was the date of our first date (did I say date enough lol).

We will see how it turns out, but I'm looking forward to December the most.
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