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Poly or Grand Floridian?

I would say definitely go with the Beach Club. Oh, wait, that wasn't an option! Lol!

All kidding aside, if you have it narrowed down to GF or Poly, I would go with Poly. IMO, GF has the least kid-friendly feel of any resort anywhere on property.

Whatever you decide, I hope you have the best trip!
I agree with this! To be honest, deciding between the Poly and Beach Club is always a tough one for us. In the end, the pool always puts the Beach Club over the top. We like the food there better as well, but the Poly has the easy access to MK and the fireworks and Electric Water Pageant from the pool at night, so can't really go wrong. GF is beautiful but never felt quite like us. We think of it similar to the way we feel about Boardwalk...We can stay at Beach Club and visit when we want...or stay at Poly and Visit GF whenever you want. Either way, its Disney, you can;t go wrong. Enjoy your trip!
We will be at the Poly in SIX (6) days and cannot wait. Poly wins hands down for me!!!! Love It - my new favorite resort!


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I own both have stayed @ both multiple times we love them both equally it really comes down to what you are looking for during your stay. I prefer VGF because of the 1, 2, and 3 BR options, with Poly you have to get two deluxe studio villas and open the two doors.

We love the theme of both our kids prefer Poly because of the more Hawaiian feel.