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Points Reallocation for 2020


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Disney extended the whole resort until 2057, but people had to pay for the extension. If you didn't then it is SUPPOSED to revert to Disney in 2042. But what about the people who didn't sign the Quit Claim deed? We might see some legal challenges before this is over. Meanwhile, Disney is busy buying up ROFR contracts at a rate of about 8 percent per year, of those that come on the market. If HALF of the contracts are already extended and they keep taking contracts at the current rate, then there will NOT be a lot of contracts remaining that will expire in 2042 for them to worry about.
I always put it like this: If you did not pay you were supposed to sign a quitclaim. Without signing it they cannot revoke in 2042. You did not pay to extend, you paid to not sign a quitclaim.

We will see what happens in 2042. Maybe then they have a legal right to doing a lien on your contract. They threatened it earlier to some, but backed off.

We have no quitclaim on file. I'll let you guys know what happens in 23 years lol
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