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Please Refurbish the WDW Haunted Mansion


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I'm so ****ing sick of people complaining about others "getting offended."

Nobody is complaining that the comment is offensive. They're complaining that it's an uncalled for tangent which baits renewal of a 49-year-old off-topic flamewar.
Dear Diary.


Trust me, of they have to squeeze it in, the effect will not be special. Just go to Disneyland and enjoy a different experience. It's a better park anyway.
Having just got back from Disneyland, give me Disney World's Magic Kingdom every month, every week, every day. I was quite disappointed with my Disneyland visit, especially the customer service. I now have much more appreciation for our cast members at Disney World.


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Looking through a friend's photos who just returned and noticed something odd in one of them..
View attachment 359597

They are either doing some work up there or Matt Sonswa and friends are at it again..
Just one mention of that idiot’s name makes me mad, and I wouldn’t put it past him to crawl around HM in the middle of the day. He’s already been trespassed at least once, and he should be arrested at this point.


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Here's a brief little conversation between Jim & Bob.

Haunted Mansion
Jim: "Uh Bob, there is a really bad hole there in that painting."

Bob: "Put a camera in it."


Pirates of the Caribbean
Jim: "Bob, we have a skull there on the wall talking to people..."

Bob: "Put a camera in it."


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Just went on HM last week. In the Corridor of Doors, it seems that they've enhanced some of the audio. Louder, more realistic knocking sounds, screams/shrieks a little more prevalent, and the last door which used to have the skeleton hands prying it open has the growling goul sound effect behind it again. I'm very pleased with these changes!
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I still want to know and will continue to call them out on why they refuse to turn back on the sound effects out front, the howling. what was wrong with having that? it was iconic.
It was nice when they did have the outside sound effects-you could hear them when you were approaching both ways, just past the Tangled bathrooms on one side, and just past CHH on the other. It started to set the mood even before you could really see HM around the corner.


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Unfortunately if you ride the HM now- in the Corridor of Doors, they have turned off all ghost screaming sound effects (except for the growling behind the last door- although they turned it down). To me this part of the ride feels boring now.
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