Pixar's Coco.


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At the same time that The Last Jedi was making $220 million domestically, Coco brought in an extra $10 domestically. Totals are:

Domestic: $150.7 million
Other: $300.0 million

Total: $450.7 million

It has already surpassed the Box Office of four Pixar movies...

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These are the countries in which Coco hasn't been released yet or their Box Office hasn't been reported yet...

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Coco has jumped from #15 amongst Pixar box office to #9 this weekend. And there are still more markets for it to open up into.


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The hubby was away on business this weekend, so I took myself out on a date to see Coco (because I just do these things). Got to say, that was really really good. Next time though, I won't purchase a large soda because I had to run to the restroom during a critical point of the film (that and movie soda costs are outrageous!)


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Coco hit $656 million worldwide making it number 7 out of 19 on the Pixar box office list beating out The Incredibles.

Still has a few markets to open in. Has a chance to surpass Up and Monsters University and winding up number 5. It seems unlikely to pass Inside Out ($858 million).


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I didn't think it was all that great. It was pretty mediocre. IMHO Pixar hasn't made a truly great movie since Toy Story 3 in 2010 except maybe Finding Dory and that's a big maybe.


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Well deserved.

So, which Disney product wins next year? I'm guessing Incredibles 2.
I think Mary Poppins Returns has a shot at winning awards on the music front. And if Christopher Robin has any music it could steal an award as well.
Wreck It Ralph 2 may end up nabbing the Oscar for best animated.

As for nominations pretty much all of Disney's movies have a shot. Even Wrinkle in Tim if they gun for costuming or hair/makeup.
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