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Rumor Pixar's Coco coming to the Mexico Pavilion


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Side note - San Angel is an operating participant (as is the Cantina and La Hacienda). The people working in those areas are not CMs, they are employed by another company. While I have no idea about the validity of the claim, I thought I would point out the base of the source, considering how the thread started out.


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The waiter probably has Internet access and read it online like all the hourly Cast Members do. :D

The real issue here is that WDW management apparently does nothing to prevent $10 an hour waiters and bus drivers and custodians and ride operators and Guest Relations hostesses from talking about unsubstantiated and unofficial rumors with their "guests".

A waiter working at the San Angel Inn should stick to talking about the menu, or asking his "guests" where they are from and how their visit has been going, and if the conversation turns to him he can talk about what part of Mexico he is from or a fun fact about Mexican culture and customs (even if he's an Irish guy from New Jersey).

But then, that type of themed and gracious interaction would require a much higher level of professionalism than many CM's have and showmanship standards that are higher than their current managers hold them to. :rolleyes:
It comes from Jim Hill, who I have realized is no more wrong than many "insider" folks on here.

To give a recent example, Jim Hill was the one who first mentioned the Jungle Book interim show. Point is, I would say the rumor is far from unsubstantiated.

I don't agree with your viewpoint on CMs but that is another topic.


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Of course because Arendelle is Located in Norway.....;)
I understand what you are getting at here, but we're not talking about a fictional place like Arendelle being shoved into a different country, it was shoved into where it was in the story which was Norway be it fictional or not. Taking a story from Peru and shoving it in Mexico makes no sense.


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They're also 40+ year old animatronics. It cost them very little to install and imo, they only put them in so the ride doesn't look like a complete craphole compared to Frozen.
Not technically if you could say that? They are 40+ old but they did get some cosmetic facelifts before being put into the ending of the Grand fiesta tour.


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Coco doesn't come out for another year and a half... Of course, it would be a Blue Sky concept, but it's probably way too soon to think too much about.


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It makes total sense. I'm sure they make plans for lots of overlays to keep on hand *if* a movie is a runaway hit, probably moreso now since Frozen took off and they weren't immediately ready with plans for a ride. (Sidebar: I often wonder if Frozen had come out earlier how it would've affected the FLE.)
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