News PHOTOS - New look Magic Kingdom auto-plaza shares similar color scheme with Cinderella Castle


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The little half circles over the WELCOME look odd.. a couple are white... a few blue.. a few gold... hmmmmm

Amused to Death

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Not really a fan of the gradient paint color scheme on the castle, but the rest looks good.

The castle and W-E-L-C-O-M-E lettering reminds me of when titanium rainbow jewelry was all the rage back in the '90s. 😄

Star Trek Titanium.jpg

Lora Baines Bradley

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How I miss it, so.
I do enjoy some parts of that era, and I'm glad part of it is making a comeback in terms of design and style, but I think for the overall entrance to the entire resort it's too much. I know it's just capitalizing on the trend, but some of the merch they sell at Disney Style has that vibe, like PI shirts and dad caps. Plus the return of the "Peace, Love, Mickey" logo.

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