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Overnight Fire in Storybook Circus

Mike S

Well-Known Member
They have a fully sprinkled building with an automatic Fire Alarm. The biggest damage done is water from the sprinkler system not the fire. Between the time the alarm activated from the waterflow, dialed the central station, dispatched the FD, and FD arrived it could be more than 10 minutes. A single sprinkler head tied to a fire pump can produce over 150 GPM of dirty stinky stagnant water.

Lot of Water damage is certainly possible.
Welp, total loss. Time to Tiki Room this.


Well-Known Member
Welp, total loss. Time to Tiki Room this.

You mean Mickey’s Birthday Bash is coming?

We’re goin, goin on the express
We’re goin on the Mickey’s Birthdayland Express!

Oh you can always count on Mickey Mouse!
So if you ever want to take a ride to Mickey’s house,
You can jump on the tracks,
We’ll always take you back!

We’re goin, goin on the Express...


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I thought Pluto took over Minnie's spot.
Yea it was only during Mickey & Minnies birthday celebration


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I believe it's closed indefinitely, which I take to mean "until further notice", which could be a long time.

And what's the difference between Pete's Silly Sideshow and the "calliope tent"?
The calliope tent is the yellow tent to the side of Petes Side Show which at one point was a charging station, not sure if it still is.


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The area spot Big Top Souvenirs is in could make room for another classic Fantasyland dark rides- like Alice in Wonderland, a re-imagined Mr. Toad, or Alice in Wonderland. Although unfortunately I don't think a small fire could stop them from rebuilding a precious gift shop....

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