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Overnight Fire in Storybook Circus

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I don’t get what caused the fire, I understand they have kitchen equipment in there, but not ovens or anything

I used to work at the food carts back there, there is a kitchen that services hot food for Gastons and the Carts behind the one tent. (used to be where the pork shanks were cooked).

but I don’t think it’s connected to the Bigtop tent.


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I think Goofini got a little reckless with that cannon...


I once was a ferret for a day.
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They have a fully sprinkled building with an automatic Fire Alarm. The biggest damage done is water from the sprinkler system not the fire. Between the time the alarm activated from the waterflow, dialed the central station, dispatched the FD, and FD arrived it could be more than 10 minutes. A single sprinkler head tied to a fire pump can produce over 150 GPM of dirty stinky stagnant water.

Lot of Water damage is certainly possible.


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Well, there is a nondescript coaster in that area, isn't there?

Not to mention a herd of flying elephants. Speaking of which, are either Dumbo or Goofini closed?

In any case, it's a good thing Minnie got out of there and is now with Mickey at Town Square Theater. I do feel bad for the rest of the Fab Six, though.

I'm pretty sure Pete angered the Tiki gods.

Or maybe it was Donald!

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