Overhead nets removed from around the Tree of Life at Disney's Animal Kingdom


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I thought that I was seeing angles of the Tree of Life this past weekend that I hadn't seen in quite a long time, but I don't remember taking the Discovery Island Trails in a long time (if ever), so I couldn't remember if this part was previously netted or not. Tough to be a Bug was down when I went to see it on Saturday, so I didn't get to check that queue. Still, the "back" of the tree was unobscured

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This is news that I never thought I would hear. Now yeti and BAH and all the major travesties will have been amended.

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Great news! There were still nets up in the ITTBAB queue on Sunday and they really did spoil the views of the Tree of Life. Glad to see they're completely gone.


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So... branch falls in April of 2012... Disney finally fixes Sept of 2014. 29 months... impressive!


I am happy tho they finally got around to doing it.. and the fact they actually had to remove the nets suprises me they did this.. but maybe the park getting those larger expansions brings some hope they will finally address those lingering issues. Gotta believe there is at least HOPE for the yeti.. at least a redone yeti


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I'm not sure this is wise on Disney's part. When the next branch breaks off and hurts someone, this is going to make the case for negligence easier to win.

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