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Orlando's Local 6 news tests G Forces


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withasmile said:
wow, i wonder how many G's are in tower of terror
ToT would create just slightly less than zero G.(If I recall, the elevator actually pulls you down faster than if just falling.) Remember we all experience 1 G all the time (when not moving in any direction). It appears to me that the news was trying to make a story instead or reporting a story.


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This was actually a four-part series that was published in the Florida Today in a week's time. It was published a few months ago. I get the Florida Today everyday, so I had the chance to read all the installments. There were also bits on the Local 6 news every evening during that week.

And I must say, it made me EXTREMELY mad to read it all. It was a bunch of propoganda and anti-Disney media. It was supposed to be focused around roller coasters, but they REALLY focused all the installments around M:S and ToT, neither of which are roller coasters. It was frustrating.

So frustrating that I wrote a letter to the editor of the Florida Today to correct them. It was actually published in the editorial section a few days later. Let me see if I can find the saved copy hidden away in my computer.


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This news crew should sign up for one of Disney's Youth Education Series programs about physics!! I did this with my students about 3 years ago and we got to test the g-force on BTMRR with a small hand held device. It was more scientific than this test by the media. It was also from grades 2nd-12th so maybe the media could actually LEARN something about what they report as gospel. We also were supposed to try and hold water in a cup on the ride, but one of my students behind me (who hadn't gotten into the magical spirit yet) mysteriously got off the ride very wet......."I know nothing" *grins at having doused a student*

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