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One Man's Dream to become Walt Disney Presents preview center


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from the article "Like its predecessor, the new attraction will continue showcasing historic items from Walt Disney’s history, such as sketches, photos and storyboards."
so sounds like they are taking away part of it.. leaving some..
I really wish they would move all of this stuff to mainstreet Disney world and make a mini museum on the mainstreet in all the parks. Even if replicas. The history of the man should be represented on the street that reminds most of us of him


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Could mean TWDS/OMD concept may be heading to the park it most logically fits. In due course. Maybe. IMO.

In any case, this gets WDW pretty close to having a Blue Sky Cellar which is a great addition.

Mark P.

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Using the space to feature upcoming attractions and park enhancements makes sense, and also is a nod toward the original spirit and mission of MGM Studios. Decreasing the focus on Walt's vision and the history of TDC in general gives me pause - perhaps the memorabilia is better suited for the upcoming new theatre off Main Street in MK?


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It sounds to me like they are changing the name to more accurately describe what's going on inside. I'm kinda thinking they might ditch the long narrow history hallway in favor of using the current exit door closer to mermaid's entrance too which would make sense with the reconfiguration of the building exterior.


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This makes sense... I can't Beleive I typed that about a Disney decision!

I really disliked the movie previews in the theatre because it had nothing to do with OMD... Now, since this is the preview center, the previews make sense. (I still think using a theme park to show previews that everyone can watch on their iPhone while waiting in line for an attraction is silly.... But whatev's.).

And since it doesn't sound like we are losing much, if anything, of the historic displays... I can't see a huge downside to this.

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