'Once Upon A Time' projection show to replace Celebrate the Magic


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I was hoping for OUAT since we don't have MSEP but ididn't think we would actually get it!!! Granted this is a surprise to everyone but anyone know if this is going to be as long as TDL's and use the same amount of pyro?

What about Holiday tags?


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I check out on the 4th. If I weren't going to my university's homecoming in the area that weekend I would have scheduled my stay differently months ago. Oh well. I'll see it another time.


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While this looks pretty awesome and I'm glad it seems to have a good story line (not Frozen), I'm really bummed our 1 year old won't have a nighttime parade when we're there for his first trip in January. Come on Disney, work you magic and make it happen!


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The Tokyo version has a good amount of fireworks, lasers and actual fire. I wonder if this version will include those elements or be a more simplified version.

It's my understanding that this show basically functions as the fireworks show for Tokyo Disneyland (except for right now since they're running Sky High Wishes on a limited engagement until March of next year) so I would imagine that if they're keeping Wishes at the Magic Kingdom then I doubt the US version will have as much pyro as the Tokyo Disneyland version.


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My problem is state government policies. Logic fails me every time.
I know that feeling, state job here too (though probably a bit different since it's for a public college). I fortunately don't have to deal with bureaucracy that much


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There will always be those people who try to find logic in Disney nickel and diming people while offering less!
First and foremost, Disney is a business. By definition that'd mean that their main goal is to be profitable and make as much money as they can, just like Universal or any other business. "Nickel and diming" people would be if they started taking the stuff that was once free and putting it behind a pay wall (such as taking away the parade and then say making it only during Extra Magic Hours, so you have to pay to stay on-site to see it). Removing a parade which, in all likelihood will eventually be replaced, is not nickel and diming. If they were to take Magic Express and Fastpasses and make you pay extra, THAT would be nickel and diming (funnily enough, Universal charges for both of those things, but guess what? That's not nickel and diming because those things were never free).


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I like that they've actively tweaked and changed these shows since starting the projections. Letting things like this settle in for too long always creates controversy when change finally happens. We've seen it with live entertainment, parades, nighttime spectacles and more.

By letting things sit for too long and allowing guest repeated viewings over years it creates a sense of familiarity which all but guarantees nostalgia when they decide to move on. I think that's why we bicker over some of the stuff that we do on here.

Hopefully, the'll keep this trend going with semi-frequent tweaks and changes to the shows at Hollywood Studios and on the Tree of life, if not all-out swaps for new shows.

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