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Nintendo Switch Friend Codes

Mike S

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Balloon Codes

Mushroom Kingdom: 005 CFV GV4

Cap Kingdom: 001 HY6 4D6

Cascade Kingdom: 005 C43 096

Sand Kingdom: 003 KD0 94H

Wooded Kingdom: 001 740 24W

Lake Kingdom: 006 T3D NB7

Lost Kingdom: 002 Y2G 164

Metro Kingdom: 007 9V1 021

Snow Kingdom: 003 KFK X8T

Seaside Kingdom: 007 PHJ THH

Luncheon Kingdom: 002 9H6 7P9

Bowser’s Kingdom: 005 XWY DB2

Moon Kingdom: 000 YGL T4H

Once again, none are clipped but some do require captures :cool:
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