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Nintendo Switch Friend Codes

Mike S

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Share yours here so we can play online!

I'll add all of yours to the list I'll be putting in this first post. It would help to give the nickname you put on your console as well so we all know who the person is when they send a friend request.

WDWMagic username, Friend Code, Switch name

@Mike S, SW-0956-0495-4886, Michael
@Twilight_Roxas, SW-0185-0293-1728, darklight7
@Sped2424, SW-7754-4373-2412, Sped
@snek, SW-1006-3531-2734, meowz
@tcool123, SW-7230-9934-8510, Tommy
@Evamoree, SW-7105-9946-8594, Evamoree
@Underdog, SW-3361-1723-7912, EJ
@Brer Oswald, SW-0438-8279-0304, Lucas
@Dead2009, SW-4228-3597-5693, Dead2009
@jmenjes, SW-8317-9213-6612, jmenjes
@fravit, SW-4323-5624-9903, fravit
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