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Night of Joy 2017


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In the Parks
This is now hosted at WWoS, it is no longer at MK.
This is true but does it have an impact on crowd levels anywhere else? Like the event is over two nights in the evening do they book hotels and spend the days at the parks like the cheer groups or other sports? And if so is it a noticeable impact on the crowds?


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I think NoJ is a good thing. Kids who are really trying to positively live out their faith go there as do their friends of all persuasions and beliefs. Everyone speaks and behaves badly at times- you and me included. I've been to special nights/days for a variety of particular groups more than once. There have been smaller groups of people who behave badly during all of them- not just those of faith but those on the other end of the spectrum as well. It's time to give the disdain for NoJ and for the faith community of Disney fans a rest.


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Problem with NoJ is the problem with many Christian youth events: The youth don't want to be there. Christian Youth Groups where the youth attend voluntarily are usually very well behaved. But, if the parents force teens to participate, then they don't have a stake in 'acting Christian'. And when their youth leaders let them out of their sight, they act out.
This was our experience back in 2009 when we went to NoJ. Youth groups that were under chaparoned. Rude teenagers that acted like they were there only for the opportunity to go to Disney, not for the positive, encouraging music. Church youth groups use an outing to an event like this as an outreach to kids who may not attend much. From personal experience, a youth group going to something like this is going to be made up of about 50% troubled kids that the church is trying to reach out to. Add in the fact that the other 50% are not troubled, but average kids that are screwed up like any other teen these days and it can get wild.

Looks like a solid musical line up, btw.


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Now that it's not held in Magic Kingdom, I hope it's popularity drops and the event is discontinued. This is one event Disney doesn't need in my opinion. I always thought mixing Disney with in your face religion was always kinda iffy.
As long as Universal has Rock the Universe (another fantastic event, I make a point to go when Kari Jobe attends) the event is going nowhere. It truly makes bank. Also being honest, it's not in your face, at all.


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Now that it's not held in Magic Kingdom, I hope it's popularity drops and the event is discontinued. This is one event Disney doesn't need in my opinion. I always thought mixing Disney with in your face religion was always kinda iffy.

Its not "in your face". Its a ticketed event. You have to decide to go and pay to be there.


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Great lineup. Wish I could go one year but as a teacher it's not really possible to make it happen when out of state and school is just starting. I think removing it from MK probably took away from the magic a bit, but it's less disruptive that way.

Wonder if they'll continue the strange ticket policy of last year where one night was more expensive than the other and one was package only (both nights). I didn't understand it, but maybe it worked out for them.


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Wow this is more of an old-timers lineup this year.

As for bad behavior at past events...as someone who has gone in the past a number of times and once with a church group, I can tell you that the case is not only that many of the groups are under-chaperoned, but there are many 'troubled youth' brought to these events...people trying to help them. We had a kid in our group years ago whose parents had abandoned him when he was young, and he was living with his grandmother...and had been in trouble with the law more than once. He was a handful to keep an eye on.


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If you are commenting on a Night Of Joy thread and do not know any artists in this list, then you have no idea what Night of Joy is. MercyMe, TobyMac, Amy Grant, Steven Curtis Chapman and Kirk Franklin are some of the most recognizable names in Contemporary Christian Music. In addition, I believe Danny Gokey and Colton Dixon are American Idol contestants. This is a great lineup. MercyMe has performed up here at Kings island for Spirit Song a number of times.

Friday, September 8 – MercyMe, TobyMac, Natalie Grant, Danny Gokey, Matt Maher, Colton Dixon, Rend Collective, Zach Williams.
Saturday, September 9 – Amy Grant, Steven Curtis Chapman, Kirk Franklin, Jordan Feliz, Crowder, Jeremy Camp, Tye Tribbett.
We saw Steven Curtis Chapman narrate a Candlelight Procession... he's a very moving performer.


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Ticket options make much more sense this year, not a bad deal for that lineup of artists. Unfortunately we leave the week before or I'd go both nights.


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Considering it's a bunch of Christian artists, I would assume it could be worse when it comes to unruly teens.

Classic. There’s some irony for you. And somehow I’m not all that surprised by it either.

Teenager are going to teenage. I'm not sure I'd hold anyone in that age bracket as a paragon of religious piousness.

I went about 20 years ago and I was one of those teens. I didn't watch any concerts, just ran around the park unsupervised with my friends. I saw it as a trip to Disney without my parents.

Of course 20 years later I am different. I have developed my own faith. Now I make my teens go to church events knowing that they will rebel, but also knowing that when times get hard, faith may help them along.


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Any news on whether or not the NoJ events are postponed or canceled yet due to the impending storm. I imagine they will be. Just wondering.

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