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NFL 2019-20 Discussion Thread


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I want KC because I want Andy to finally get a ring. However, I think it will be SF. They can run it on anyone, and their defensive front is stellar.
Coach Andy has gone through a lot especially losing his son to a drug overdose during training camp several years ago and his other son who was also a drug addict but cleaned up himself and is now part of the coaching staff.


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I don't have a horse in this race, I just want a good game.
I like both QB's, both coaches. Please just not an all-defense, miserably low-scoring competition like last Super Bowl. 😴
Thankfully the weather is going to be nice. That mud-bowl in Miami when the Colts beat the Bears a few years back was awful.

Paper straw fan

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Things I’d rather watch than Fox News’s own ‘innerTAINmint’ channel:

1. my own colonoscopy on video
2. Phantom of the Opera with Fran Drescher as Christine
3. 3 more weeks of Kobe Bryant discussion
4. The Patriots winning this game


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i hope the XFL championship game half-time show has limp bizkit performing 30 seconds of every song of his and they do a 15 minute 60 man battle royal.


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Just another data point to reaffirm why I don't bet on sports, lol.

It was a great game, so I'm happy.

Now, can my Jags or Bucs climb from the cellar?!


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Yeah as 49ers P.I. penalty cost them the game not just a first down. Bet Kyle Shanahan and George Kittle had some not so nice words with each other on the way back.


Horror Movie Guru
Is that an old reference? Don't see that on the usual suspect places...

He signed a 2 year contract extension last year that was supposed to expire next year but apparently it voided after this past regular season ended

He's still a free agent

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