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I don't think I've missed the *kiss good night* in the last 9 times I've gone to MK. One of my favorite things to do at the park.
Wish the link worked for new tips!


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Very good info, gotta ask though, what is the "Kiss Goodnight"?
I got so excited when I heard the "Kiss Goodnight" that I left the kids in the store while they were shopping. I think I scared my daughter's friend. They were 13 at the time, so don't want anyone to think I am nuts. The kids were going on and on about whether or not to buy Duffy bear and what outfit to buy. You know....girl's shopping. It was really late. I was exhausted. Can't remember how it happened, but I was in the street (Main) and I suddenly realized they were doing the "kiss goodnight." I have been to Disney so many times and stayed pretty darn late in the park and somehow I had never heard this. It is the most touching, magical thing!! The castle twinkles and music plays. I think Mickey speaks at the very end. It usually happens after the park is closed. Just a farewell for the evening to all the park guests. I think it was so late when I heard it that the stores were closing for the evening/they weren't letting anyone in, but you could still get out. That was why I yelled at my daughter's friend not to come out/I stood in the street and listened and watched myself. I know, crazy, exhausted mom. I did buy Duffy. I was about to keel over, so the Kiss Goodnight made my night.


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