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Chad, you may be onto something with your ADD remark.Some people do seem to be bored if they aren't being scared out of their wits, or moving around on a fast ride. I've noticed it in theaters too; people talking, getting up and down a lot, you know what I mean. Look at all the people talking on cell phones, eating, & driving at the same time! Everybody seems to be doing 3-4 things at once, so they do have a hard time concentrating & enjoying a show.


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Sad, isn't it? Oh well, its the world we live in, I suppose. Our drugged up, tv watching, cell phone talking, over populated world...I remember one guy turned to his wife while we were in line to get fastpassses, a guy turned to his wife and said 'Quick, get in another line, this guy is getting a whole bunh of fastpasses, I feel like punching someone in the face.." when in reality I was getting two. Ad I work at chick-fil-a, I like to consider myself a 'fast food technician' and after waiting three minutes to get her food, this woman was screaming and yelling about the slow service...3 Minutes! Oh well


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New theme parks can only bring new rides, new ideas and new concepts. This can only mean good things for the consumors. After all if we don't like it we won't go.

Perhaps a chill out park is what is needed!:cool:
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