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New Star Wars Fireworks Show - 'Star Wars: A Galactic Spectacular'


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Star Wars show is coming back on starting 12/16!


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Are they ever gonna extend the schedule beyond the first week of January? People gotta plan!

Just checked, times showing for Monday 9th Jan.

Also, desert party available for booking for at least first week of Jan, plus 9th. Just got mine, not told family yet but didn't want to miss out.


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Added for February, too. Can finally solidify plans. Thankfully, we had already gotten a Sci Fi ADR at a time that works with the 7:45 fireworks time. Phew.

Now if they'd release any details on the Festival of the Arts coming in 4 weeks.


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Anyone know what's happening on February 20 and February 23 that has the park closing at 7 PM and no performances of the fireworks those nights? Also just a heads up that March times have been posted as well.

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