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News New sponsor coming to Walt Disney World's Splash Mountain


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This is just way too sensible and synergistic!
wdwmagic.com said:
As part of the long-term sponsorship deal, guests will have access to Ziploc bags at Splash Mountain, which are already widely used by guests to keep possessions protected on water rides.
As an aside, a former co-worker of mine who moved to Europe said that his wife makes him load up on Ziploc bags when he visits the New York office because the zip top bags there aren't as good. I don't know how significant the differences are and I'm surprised at the lack of an international market in zip top bags.

Princess Leia

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Alright, so we have Ziploc sponsoring attractions (leniently using the term for Epcot) in two different parks. What’s next? Kali River at AK and... idk what they would do for DHS
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