News New Park Entrance coming to Epcot

Father Robinson

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I wonder if once they're ready to close off the west side of the entrance to begin the work, what the east side will be like. Right now, the center planter and fountain are behind walls, so I assume when the other side is ready to go behind walls, those will be visible in the area that will funnel guests through. So I'm wondering if they're going to completely finish the east side (with completed fountain and center planter) or just make it passable in an incomplete state (like the west side is now w the LoL footprints visible). If it were me I'd like to reveal the new entrance in it's finished form not just half done, half walled off.


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The holes for the prims are there right now because they’re about ready to install them again.

Those 3 holes haven’t been visible in the past 20 years tho as the surface material of the fountain changed when the prisms were removed
I stand corrected. I could have sworn I saw them in my pictures. I went back and checked and it looks like it wasn’t there. I guess I just always wanted them to be there


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Update from disneygeek


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Update from blogmickey:
A few things I noted while viewing the photos:
There are lights staged in front of the main planter.

The grass that was seen staged next to the main planter in photos from a few days ago has been planted in the far east planter. (A lot of planters!)

Exterior concrete that was seen staged next to the fountain a few days ago has been placed on the fountain after it was painted or something.
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