News New Park Entrance coming to Epcot

James Alucobond

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It could be some of that, but @wdwmagic saying above that some of the lighting is great and some is not makes me think it's an overall design issue.
Right, just saying that I think, more than it being two different designers, it's about designing for two distinct purposes, the first being ambient lighting and the second being show lighting. Most agree that the ambient lighting is pretty *chef kiss*. The show lighting, on the other hand, can be garish at times, especially the ultra white full starburst mode and the uber bright warm-to-cool gradient that closes out the main show and persists for a good while before giving way to the ambient lighting.


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Luckily - this one seems to be in the show itself vs. a true design failure. There is something to be said for the garish if it is followed up with a "bring down" from the high. The Points of Light fireworks toward the end of I:ROE comes to mind. It starts beautiful, gets garish, dissipates and then migrates into the incredible finale. But, it has that arc, and the intense is used to then drive story and emotion. It seems like it's just needs a bit more of that.


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How often is the shows for SSE? Thought it was very 10 or 15 minutes? But that wasn’t the case after Harmonious the other night.


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The maps were updated recently and lots of labels changed from "Epcot" to "EPCOT".

The entrance sign saw a similar capitalization with no change to style:



So maybe this is in our future? Although I would think they would at least use the new font.

Random other change: the label for "Showcase Plaza" was removed entirely.

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