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New Mickey figurine set (including SMRT-1!)


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Hello all! While enjoying the Festival of the Masters at Downtown Disney this weekend, I came across the Disney booth and noticed they had a display of small Mickey figures. They are similar in concept to the big Mickey figures done by random artists they had for his 75th birthday at the entrance to the Magic Kingdom. Apparently they will be released in January for $9.99 each, and you get a random one ala the mystery pin sets. I don't remember most of them, but there was a Haunted Mansion one, a panda one, but most importantly, THIS ONE:


A SMRT-1 Mickey! I apologize for the picture quality, but it was taken with my cell phone.


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Looks like Disney fans will become hooked on the Japanese "One-Coin" system after this.

(Vending machines that give you a mystery figure, hence "One Coin")
These are very cool, they were selling the first one which is a plain white Mickey that you can paint yourself, I purchased a couple of these and im making a Batman Dark Knight, Rocketeer and a Wolverine x-men Mickey. they will be available in January at the Art of Disney stores. they will be sold in unmarked boxes so you dont know which one your getting. there will be a new series every couple months. these are 3 inches tall and there will also be larger 9 inch tall ones that will be limited such as Jack Skelington Mickey limited edition of 300. I got to see some pictures some of the other intresting ones will be figment Mickey, Kermit the frog Mickey and Main street electrical parade Mickey. the cast member also mentioned there will be a star wars weekends Mickey.


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WoW!! :eek: They must have been reading my thread to bring back SMRT-1 hehe.. I MUST OWN ONE OF THESE! I wish they were available now.


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This sounds like a cool product line. I can't wait to see them. Can see me buying a lot of these in the future.

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