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Rumor New Journey into imagination/(WORLD Imagination) announcement hidden in the D23!?


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There’s a desire for new hydrolators in the future.
I fondly remember that back when the Nemo version was under construction, an Imagineer told me, “The hydrolators are gone—leaders insisted on it—after all the work on the queue to bring you underwater. So much for that corporate b-llsh-t about ‘story’ this and ‘story’ that.”

She went on to work on some outstanding projects around the world.
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My apologies for bumping this thread but this seemed quite relevant. At the Epcot experience there are a few CMs by the mural to answer questions and I decided to ask them about the pink/purple path. They said, in direct quotes, "our Imagineering partners told is that it illustrates crowd flow". I don't know if this is truly the case as that seems to be a very weird way to illustrate that, and it could be that WDI was just feeding them a line to damper curiosity about it. Regardless I still found this interesting.

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