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Welcome to the Imagineer Forum, Everyone!

A Forum Where All Your Armchair Imagineer Dreams Come True!


This thread is to introduce and welcome new members to the boards! :D

If you're new to the boards, introduce yourself here and say something about you! That thing about yourself could be anything from hobbies, what your favorite Disney Park or Attraction is, or even your favorite sports team! :)

Here is a link to the Armchair Imagineering Roster:

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Hi everyone! I'm spacemt354. Most people just call me space though

As my name can probably suggest - one of my favorite Disney attractions is Space Mountain, though the Peoplemover is up there. :D

I enjoy armchair imagineering, especially with others, because it's fun to bounce ideas off of one another and work together as a team to create! It's a great hobby that I'm glad I found!

Figments Friend

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Howdy do....

It's me, your ol' purple pal.

I'm not a 'newbie' to the Forums, but you could say I am to this particular section.
Some here may recall my rare ventures into a few random threads here, probably best known for my hand drawn and painted artwork.
Oh, and my outspoken loyalty to Tony Baxter.
Love that man and his works.

I was passing through again and saw this topic, so thought I would stop in and say hello.
It's always nice to see a place online where people can bounce ideas off of each other and have some spirited discussion.
Keep at it and remember that even the most far fetched and seemingly silly idea can eventually lead you to a concept that may end up being the perfect solution!

And now a little about me.....

Artist, puppeteer, animator / dimensional animator.
Big fan of Animtronics in general, traditionally animated feature films, EPCOT Center and the Disney Theme Parks in general.
I like fantasy adventure films, orchestrational music / film scores, and nature.
I would say Disney traditional animation and the Theme Park experiences had a major impact and influence on me and definitely steered my life in a direction.

Been drawing since I was three, performing with my own handmade marionette puppets since I was 6 , and first visited Walt Disney World at age 8 in 1979 .
The only thing I remember about that first trip was the flight to Orlando ( my first ) and 'The Mickey Mouse Revue'.
Next visit was when I was 12 , to visit the then brand new EPCOT Center in April of 1983.
Blew me away, even at that age.
Life changing. Yes, that epic.
Experienced the Original 'Journey Into Imagination' Attraction and I was hooked and good.
That Attraction means a great deal to me on a personal level.
Really inspired me, and it STILL does!

Favorite Attractions would be the Original 'Journey Into Imagination' ( absolute #1 ), 'Big Thunder Mountain Railroad' (Disneyland), 'The American Adventure' (EPCOT), 'Splash Mountain', and 'Spaceship Earth' ( earlier versions).
There are many others I enjoy (The Enchanted Tiki Room at Disneyland ) but the above would be my Top Five.
I love Disneyland Park and still call EPCOT 'home' although it saddens me to see how far it has fallen from its once glorious position of being a place that truly inspired.

Enough about lil' ol' me....let's hear more about you!


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Hey @MonorailRed, anything you want to share?


Hey, I'm MonorailRed! :D I'm usually just called Red by others on the forum.

My favorite Disney Park has to be a tie between Disneyland and Hollywood Studios. Favorite Disney Resort is definitely The Beach Club.

I enjoy teamwork Imagineering and working on projects together! One of my favorites on the board right now (Insert Promotion here) is Walt Disney World 1966, where the forum re-designs WDW from 1966 when the land was bought until today. I usually do art, though I like to try different things in the armchair imagineering spectrum. :D

Adam Snider

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Hey, as you see, this is actually my real name. Never was a big Disney fan growing up and thought it was for little kids. Started dating my now Fiance (getting married in August), which is a huge Disney fan, her family is part of the DVC and i have gone 8 times now in the past 4 years. Now you could say I love everything Disney and really enjoy this competition because I can bring out my creative side. My favorite park is Hollywood Studios because I am a huge movie fan and really enjoy what is in the park, even though I was super disappointing when they took out the drawing classes and the animation courtyard. My favorite attractions though are people-mover, CoP, and Figment. I wish i could have seen the original Imagination but I am stuck with only the one that they have now. Also just realized that my top 3 attractions were not in my favorite park.


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Greetings! :D

I'm @IAmNotAHufflepuff, although most people here call me Puff. I've been in the armchair Imagineering business for a few years now, although I only joined the board in October. It's really exciting to develop and create your own ideas, and I'm so glad that this is a place that lets you do that. :)

In all honesty, I prefer Universal Orlando over Disney World (or at least until Star Wars Land opens), although the new Disney Springs looks amazing. I don't have any hotel preference either, since my family mostly has Hyatt points.

I'm extremely pleased to see all these new faces joining. It's going to be a cool ride! ;):D

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What's up everyone! I'm DSquared, or DS for short. I've been here for almost a year now (expect a little something special in 3 days!) and I love armchair imagineering but also speculating about movies, tv shows, ect.

I currently have an ongoing What If... thread, as well as gearing up to start my new competition The Great Disney Race. I'm also part of the upcoming TAFI-CON. Not to brag, but it was my idea.:p

My favorite attraction is tough. Sometimes I say Toy Story Mania, sometimes it's Splash Mountain. I can't rally pick just 1.


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What up, what up! I'm mickeyfan. I've lurked for a long time and been on a hiatus for a while but I'm here. I'm currently working on my dream resort and competing in the House Cup. Favorite Disney resort is between the Hilton Head Island Resort (bias because I'm a cast member there) and Port Orleans-French Quarter. My favorite rides are The Haunted Mansion, the original Imagination, Splash Mountain, and the People Mover. My favorite nighttime shows are Disneyland's Fantasmic and Reflections of Earth. My favorite Disney movie is between Beauty and the Beast and Tangled. I'm a hospitality student and I'd like to go into theme park management after I graduate.

Disney Dad 3000

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Hey gang. I found this site by mistake about a year ago. I think I was googling imagineer or something random after a recent Disney trip. Life got in the way so just now getting back in the groove for this. I grew up making several visits to WDW. Not sure how many, but probably 6or7 from age of 3-18. Then maybe 1 more up until we had our son 4 years ago. My family is Disney freaks. Mom worked part time at DStore for many years and new SIL was several characters at MK for a number of years as well. We didn't set out to Disneyfy our son, just kind of happened. One day at MK when he was 8 mo, then MK and AK when he was 21/2. Then last summer we bought passes with intention of 2 trips. So we did a week last August and our best trip yet in Jan(weather,crowds, etc). I got a few more days in March with him with wife at home and then he stayed 5 more with his grandparents.

Needless to say, we've enjoyed the family time theses trips have given us. We may be adding to our crew of 3 for future trips depending on how a dr visit shakes out next Friday. We are nervously optimistic based on some bad luck recently. so that will bring a whole new adventure with 2 to worry about.
How Disney spoiled is our son? I showed himShanghai POTC last week, and the first thing out of his mouth, after he asked to watch it 3 more times, was can we go there tomorrow.
Sorry to ramble on. Love this site and the fun creative outlet it provides. I'm probably not as critical as most of the shape of the parks because I've seen how much fun we have. I do see how much better it could even becomethough. Favorite all time rides are probably the deceased Mr Toads wild ride, and the people mover. Hard to pick a favorite park, but probably Epcot, even in its current state. I love to travel.


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Welcome to my little self introduction folks! I'm @KingOfEpicocity, your friend, and a heck of an armchair imagineer if I do say so myself. And if you can't tell already, dinosaur is my favorite ride in Disney world! I really do have an obsession with animatronics and EMVs! My love for Disney really started when I first went. I was always watching Disney documentaries to see how it was done. But I never really became a Disnerd until I discovered EPCOT Center. The beauty and the wonder that was the golden years of that park. Horizons, world of motion, the wonders of life. They're such masterpieces. They inspired me to become an imagineer, and that's how I got here! I love to create and dream of new things. I've really been armchair imagineering's for a long time. Just recently have I discovered these forums! I like to draw, play and write music on the piano, I sometimes do writing and I do some 3D modeling for RCT3 sometimes. I LOVE to watch movies, I've taken a liking to the 90s Disney classics like Atlantis: The lost empire, The emporers new groove, and Tarzan. I love listening to soundtracks mostly, and I especially love theme park loops. Epcot has some of my favorite music EVER! Some of my favorite composers are Hans Zimmer, John Williams, James Newton Howard, James Horner, Michael Giacchino, Jerry Goldsmith, Gavin Greenway, and George Wilkins! I love Epcot and its most likely my favorite Disney park. And my favorite ride ever of course HAS TO BE Horizons. It's the basis of why I love Disney and Epcot. Anyways, that's a little bit about me. I'm so glad I can work among such talented and passionate people! Thanks!

The Excavator

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Back when I first joined in 2013, I almost entered an armchair imagineering competition (forgive me I forgot the name) but life gets in the way and I just kind of took a hiatus for a while. But I'm very excited to finally have the time and opportunity to be pursuing my passions now that school is coming to a close.

My favorite theme park is Epcot and my favorite attraction is the Tower of Terror. I also played baseball and I'm a huge Cincinnati Reds fan!

Glad to be here with you all.

Poe Dameron

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Hello everyone, my name is Poe Dameron and I'm the best pilot in the Resistance. You can call me Poe.

I've always been interested in all things Disney, and I'm trying imagineering for the first time. So far, I am enjoying it a lot. My favorite attraction is a tie between Rock n Roller Coaster and Big Thunder Mountain Railroad. My favorite resort is the Beach Club. And, I also really like Star Wars.


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This is the introduction of not one but two accounts! That's right folks two for the price one! But wait read on and you get a free link to somewhere on this forum! That's right you heard me free! And you know what they say if it's free it's for me.

So let's start off with the first account. That will be @tcool , my former account before I lost it forever. Using that account I have been with since June 12, 2014. My first post was on the plates of the world. Then after that I moved over to the Games & Trivia forum for a while until The Sorcerer's Apprentice Season 2. Nervous, I signed up for my first ICS sponsored Imagineering competition. I went rather far earning 6th place in that competition. From the on that account I competed in 4 more competitions. In between those competitions I have done many side projects on that account. One day the impossible happened I changed my password on my email and WDWMagic account on the same day. To make matters worse I completely forgot both passwords, and thus lost my account forever.

However when life gives you lemons you make lemon juice. On that same day I lost my accounts, I made a new one. Which was of course the one I use now, @tcool123 . Using that account I won the Elite Eight Season 2, and won an award on these forums for my concept: The Capitol - A Hunger Games Land. Now well into the life of this user I'm hard at work with hosting the One Sentence Contest, competing in the House Cup, and of course my favorite Disneyland Singapore Resort! What's that you may ask? Well it is a concept that I have came up all on my own, and fully plan on completing whenever that may be.

Enough of the boring history of me on this forum questions let's talk about my personal interests. My favorite park is Disney's Hollywood Studios, it's just that I always have a great time there. I never wait for any of the rides I want to ride given I only ride three rides (TSMM,GMR,Star Tours), and the shows at the park are just lovely. My favorite rides are hard to choose, but I could do them per park so that's what I'm going to do. In Magic Kingdom it has to be Splash Mountain/it's a small world. Over at Epcot it has to be Living with the Land/Gran Fiesta Tour. In Disney's Hollywood Studios it is hands down Star Tours - The Adventures Continue, it just might be my favorite ride overall. Lastly at Animal Kingdom my favorite is Dinosaur. My favorite nighttime spectacular is Fantasmic! My favorite stage show is definitely Finding Nemo - The Musical, and that's coming from someone who wasn't very fond of the film. My favorite Disney film is definitely a tie between The Hunchback of Notre Dame or Into the Woods.

That was a lot of writing...Now as promised that free link!
Click Me

Nintendo Switch Friend Code : SW-7230-9934-8510​
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Hey, guys. I first came here in 2010 under a different name. Competed in a few games, won a few games on Visions Fantastic (also known as SYWTBAI), which has since emigrated here, and eventually came back under this name.

Currently, I'm the guy who joins competitions and promptly drops off the face of the Earth. I'm also the guy who makes threads and then does nothing with them. Oops.

Anyway, that's who I am, I guess. This community's gone through a lot, but it's back and better than ever. Much like the Hess truck. Here's to our budding little community.


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Hi, I'm ChrisFL and I've been an addict of imagineering and theme park design for 33 years, since I was 4 years old and visited EPCOT Center when it first opened and my father worked there.

I've been around theme parks ever since. My mother worked at Universal Studios Florida when it first opened as well. I've worked at both parks at normal roles and contracting jobs.

I have designed nearly two entire theme parks in my spare time, but the way my mind works, I have a lot of difficulty focusing on one thing at a time...I'm always moving on to the next interesting thing.

I also love cars, racing, battlebots, 3D printing, CAD, new technologies, VR, traveling,(I love Japan and Tokyo especially), making music, and lots of other things I'm forgetting right now.


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Well, shoot, I've missed out on quite a bit in here! :p

My name is RMichael21, but most people on here call me RM. :D I've been on here for about two and a half years, but have been lurking around here for almost 4 years, since before Master of the Parks. I'm super energetic and fun and alway put the emoticons to good use. ;)

I've participated in 10 competitions/tournaments (WEDCAR Race, Spring Training, The Sorcerer's Apprentice Season 2: International Addition, ICS Tournament I, The Creator Games, The Sorcerer's Apprentice Season 3, The Choice, ICS Tournament II, The Road Trip and now the House Cup! Phew :p) and hosted two seasons of the very successful The Sole Imagineer.

In addition, when it comes to Disney, I've loved it ever since my first trip at five years old. I really was introduced to the Disney fandom in 2011 during the construction of New Fantasyland. I've been to Walt Disney World 6 times, Disneyland once and Disneyland Paris once. My favorite attractions are Splash Mountain, Expedition Everest, Pirates of the Caribbean and Indiana Jones Adventure. :)

Anyways, I look forward to getting to know all of the new people and getting to know all my old pals even more in the coming months (and years, too :)).


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Hi! I'm kmbmw777, but you can call me Kevin! I just finished my sophomore year in High School, and I love all things Disney. I play percussion in my school's band and I plan on arranging a Disney medley over summer break. I want to be an Imagineer after college. I've been to Disney World somewhere around 10 times and Disneyland twice. I love UP and my favorite park is the Magic Kingdom!
I can't wait to meet a bunch of fellow Disney-lovers! :)

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